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2021-03-29: Rhizophora playing "Theodolit", "Sattelstein" and "Kupfer und Gold" with live visuals in their rehearsal room in Bremen.

Music by J.Kloster & D.Unland | Camera by A. Zeller | Artwork by T. Unland and D. Unland

Animal Dreams - High:lights over Stöðvarfjörður

Animal Dreams - High:lights over Stöðvarfjörður on bandcamp.

Two songs I recorded in the Fish Factory Creative Center in Stöðvarfjörður, East Iceland, in October 2021, recorded solely with a Zoom H4N field recorder.

October 2021

Andorra - 2016

Andorra 2016 on bandcamp.
this stuff was made in loopwoodhausen, May-September 2016, all by ourselves (that's why you have to turn up the volume so far)

Alles eigenständig aufgenommen und verwurstet in Loopwoodhausen, Mai-September 2016. (Deshalb auch so leise)

November 2016

Andorra - 2015

Andorra (2015) is a 5 track-single-take-piece containing the sounds of leprosy mountains, noisy values and a forest in hectic.

Andorra (2015) ist eine Aufnahme aus etwa fünf Liedern, die an einem Stück gespielt wurden und so gehört werden möchten.

April 2015